Pheasant, Chukar and Quail

Buttonwood Game Preserve, LLC raises approximately 17,000 pheasants and 5,000 chukar partridge each year. We are very proud of our birds. Our pheasants revert to the wild almost instantly
Our Chukars are excellent flyers They are brilliant of color, strong fliers and revert almost instantly to the wild upon release. Although the majority of our clients prefer ringnecks and chukar, we do offer bobwhite quail hunts.

The outstanding cover of Buttonwood Game Preserve makes it conducive to quail hunting. We obtain our bobwhites from a private breeder. These birds will covey, hold well for a dog and are fleet of wing.

An excellent bird to train that young dog on!

Attention, Gun Clubs: We offer quality pheasants and chukars for sale at very competitive prices.
Contact Gail Ryker at (908) 454-7116